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Capital Hostel de Ciudad: Who are we?

Capital Hostel de Ciudad, aka La Capital, is a boutique hostel focused on customer service and details, creating a personalized experience for everyone. Guests seeking comfort and cleanliness will meet their expectations with us, whether you want to try one of our pods or sleep in a private room – we’ve got you covered.

But how did it all start? As we’re coming closer to our second anniversary, we’re excited to share with you a little bit of our beginnings and hope you engage with us on this amazing adventure for many years to come.

The Background: Before founding La Capital, our current manager had been working in the hospitality industry for over 7 years, specializing in guest service, hotel operations and creating experiences for guests from all over the world. However, there was still something missing. A need from special travelers that demanded to be addressed, as well as an urge from our beloved city that had to be developed.

The First Steps: A huge misconception about hostels in Costa Rica is that they’re only for backpackers, they’re loud and messy, unsafe and dirty. We wanted to change that. Low-budget travelers are no longer willing to sacrifice quality and let’s face it: nowadays we all want more for less. Cleanliness, technology and a good rest are now a part of the decision-making process sometimes being more important than the social atmosphere of hostels.

The Opportunities: New tendencies coming in stronger such as the orange tourism, traveling independent, magic trips, co-living and slow travel are beneficial in our industry and in a country like ours. Our capital city, San José, has been reactivating over the last four or five years, and this due to the special efforts of our much appreciated “chepe lovers” – citizens in love with our city, who truly believe in its potential – same as we do. We believe San José is so much more than a one-night layover or just transit for the rest of the country. Our capital is a cultural and urban destination with a great variety of artistic expressions, in every way.

The struggles in the process: Even though we’d love everyone to experience the city the way we see it, there’s still a lot of work to be done to change a belief that has been told for years, the narrative of “there’s nothing to do or see in San José”. Our hope is that it eventually will, and we want to be a part of this change. On the meantime, we would lie if we didn’t admit we’re very happy to be your operations center while you discover the wonders of our beautiful country.

The Approach: There’s a cultural resurgence, a gastronomical and artistic boom going on and we want travelers to experience it. But we want them to live this in a place that feels as home as you want it to, a place you can become as social or as secluded as you want to. An example of this is our pods area: dorms were designed in an open floor plan with our common areas promoting community, respect and positivity.

The result: A space created by creatives from different fields who collaborated selflessly and wanted their ideas and contributions to be heard and to be seen – to transcend. This is the new San José, La Capital, where our heart was poured into every detail for you to co-live in this community.


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