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We pride ourselves on our privileged location:

Quiet residential area not too far from the city center, with a bus stop half a block that takes you straight to SJ Downtown.



Find within walking distance:

                             La Sabana Metropolitan Park

                                     National Stadium

                              Costa Rican Art Museum

                      Local Restaurants and Fast Food

                                Convenience Stores



We are located just a couple of blocks south from La Sabana Metropolitan Park in San José (Mata Redonda district). Very easy access to/from the airport, San José downtown, Escazu area and more.


Conveniently located half block from "Sabana-Estadio" bus stop, which takes you directly downtown and connects you to any other bus stop in San José.


Also, urban train stop is located a few blocks away, connecting you to San José downtown and cities such as Belen, San Pedro, Cartago and more.



Friendly reminder: Costa Rica has no street name + number addresses, we mostly provide directions by reference points. We recommend using apps such as Waze or Google Maps which will be extremely helpful throughout your trip.

From Juan Santamaria Airport


By Bus

Public buses can be taken outside the terminal, the bus stop is on the main road - once you come out from the arrivals exit, cross the street as if you were going to the parking lot. Walk towards your left to border the parking lot until you get to the main street. On the main street turn right to spot the bus stop. Make sure it says San José (route name is San José-Alajuela), the bus has a frequency every 15-20 minutes and they have a cost of approximately $1.30, the ride may take around 35 minutes.

Instead of going all the way until the last stop in San José, let the driver know you will need to get down at La Sabana. Usually they stop in front of the Crowne Plaza Hotel where there's a taxi station outside with official taxis (red cars with yellow triangle on the door).

A taxi from there to our place will cost around $5, and remember to have our address handy ("Sabana sur, 50 metros oeste del Cotepecos, casa de ladrillo y reja gris"


By Taxi

The official airport taxis are completely safe and they are available at all times, it's the orange cars located right outside the arrivals main exit, they charge a fixed rate which is usually between $25-$35 (depending on the time of the day, you can ask before you ride).

Make sure to ride with the official airport taxis (color orange), because the regular taxis (color red) sometimes charge more when coming from the airport. You should not pay more than $35 USD. 


Private Transfer

You can contact us to arrange your private transportation service. The ride has a cost of $30 USD. Send us an email here with your flight number and arrival time, and if possible a phone number with WhatsApp where the driver can reach you. We will then send you further information on how to meet the driver too.

From San José Downtown


By Bus

Look out for Sabana-Estadio bus stops near you or contact us to send you the map with every stop for this route. The ride may take from 5 to 25 minutes (depending where you started) until you get to La Sabana Park.

You will first see its north side, then its west side and then head to its south side, where we are located (Sabana Sur). Let the driver know you will need to get down at COTEPECOS.

From here, walk west about half block, you'll spot us on your right hand side between Av 16A and Calle 60A.

Tip: Sabana-Estadio buses are yellow (half-up) and purple (half-down).


By Taxi

Regular taxis are red and have a yellow triangle on the door. They are safe and they use a taximeter, so the rates may vary not only depending on distance but on traffic too. 

Tip 1: Always ask for the meter to be turned on, otherwise they can make up the price and you'll have a surprise at the end of your ride.


Tip 2:  If you have Uber, you can use it and save about 50% the price of a regular taxi.


50 metros Oeste del Cotepecos (Colegio Técnico Profesional), Sabana Sur, San José, 10108.

Av 16A y Calle 60A.  |  Tel: +(506) 4001-7399

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