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Please help us keep our hostel open!

If you've stayed with us before, you know it's the smiles, the warmth, the smallest details and the personalized service what makes us unique.

If you know any of us personally, you know our passion for this business and the love we have for each of our guests, and how we'd love to keep doing what we do for as long as we can.

However, as you also know, we are a small local business, and same as probably a lot of you out there, we've been severely hit by the Covid-19 crisis, as we suddenly fell into a cero income season. While we know things may never go back to what they used to, we are sure that travel will always be as inspiring as it used to, and we will need it more than ever after the crisis ends.

So how can you help us?

#AdoptAHostel Campaign

#AdoptAHostel is an incredible initiative held by a group of people who are looking to keep the hostel industry alive, focusing all its efforts in helping entrepreneurs and small properties survive the crisis. They've teamed up with the GiftUp App, so you can buy gift cards that can be used at our property in the future to pay for reservations, tours or any other service we provide. If you're not planning to come to Costa Rica any time soon, you can also purchase a gift card for someone else! You can also choose the option to donate only, without a future product exchange, and trust us that as little as you can donate will have a huge impact for us.

Please find out more on our Adopt a Hostel profile.


By helping us, you will allow us to: 

We truly thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to read this, trusting us, and contributing with our cause.


Find out more of the #AdoptAHostel campaign here and the people behind it. Don't forget you can always contact us by email, on our website, or by phone (+506 4001-7399) if you have any doubts regarding this initiative.

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